Scaffold planks

Solid wood: 25% stronger

ITP scaffold planks are proven to be 25% stronger than similar products on the market. All our products conform to the highest international safety standards < link to> and can be shipped across New Zealand, or internationally.

Customised for your needs

Our customers range from house builders and hardware mega-stores, to DIYers and events’ organisers. We create a bespoke solution designed around your unique needs.

Our standard length plank is 3 metres, but we can cut the planks to suit from half a metre to 3.6 metres. Our wooden planks are untreated and kiln dried, but can be treated if required.

Laminated planks: unique and versatile

If you’re looking for something a little different, our laminated planks offer a unique finish. We are the only solid timber scaffold laminating factory in NZ and have created tables, benches, chairs and other products for our customers.

Looking for trestle planks, wooden planks, treated planks or laminated planks? Contact us to discuss your next project.